2008.11.30 Teh win! E.T.A. won the award for "Best Talent Film 2008" at this years Aarhus Film Festival (in Danish). Thanks! The jury even went on to strongly suggest that we should make our next film a feature instead of a short. And yes, they DID know how long it took us to complete E.T.A. Makes you wonder if they just want to test the true extent of our spare time exhausting madness...

Plus HEiNRiCH had the great opportunity to try out his squaky english skills on DirectorsNotes.com in a podcasted interview. Thanks to MarBelle for his patience in setting it all up!
2008.08.22 E.T.A. is currently enjoying a bit of buzz these days as Autodesk has just posted their Animation Newsletter with a link to the films thread on their site.

Plus! We have just been notified that the short is nominated for an award at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 Computer Animation Festival in Singapore. Fancy that! Our hopes/chances of winning anything are slim, but... buzz!

A general plan for worldwide festival distribution is also in the works - Updates will be posted here as they come.
2008.06.11 We might have told you it was done - but now it really is! E.T.A. has had it's sound overhauled - for the better.
And now we're going to let it be - and send it out to any festivals that might actually accept it.

The Productions section has been updated with a Quicktime H264 version of the film (we're sucking up to a broader audience). And we've opened a thread for the film at the huge international CGTalk community - so feel free to pop by and load off any questions or critique you might have.
2008.04.04 At last! After many years of exhaustive work, our animated short E.T.A. was finished and entered in the Animation compo at BREAKPOINT 2008 in Bingen, Germany. And it won us the 1st place!
It has been quite a load to get off our backs, so we're really happy it was well received.

Site has also been spiced up a bit, and updated with an extensive E.T.A. production commentary for the insanely bored.
2007.04.14 Although we did not win the scene.org award trophy, we still have some good news to haul at the masses.
That's right! Finally! English subs for Godmorgen Sol has arrived!

And yes.. we have yet to deliver our third short film. We're sure it will be completed some day.
In our lifetime. We hope. Seriously. It will! Honest!
2007.02.01 Exciting news! In a streak of uncontrollable love, someone decided to nominate our last short film Of Mice & Monsters for the coveted Scene.org 'Best Animation' award.
2006.11.18 Christmas comes early this year! We have recovered yet another oldie/goldie. Fancy that!
Fiest your eyes on Working Out which was (nearly) released at The Party 1999.
2006.07.19 We scoured our disks and found that we had neglected to include and old gem in the online archive!
Check out Virtual Paradox released at Mekka/Symposium 2001.
2006.07.17 MAJOR update! Production notes has been added for all online productions.
And yes, we are still working on our next short film for an Easter 2007 release!
2006.05.21 JUNKWORKS.org has been updated with a new design. Or rather.. now it HAS a design.
2006.04.15JUNK participated in the Animation compo at BREAKPOINT 2006 in Bingen, Germany. We entered our animated short Of Mice & Monsters and was awarded a nice 2nd place.